How can I make a contribution?

To make a contribution, visit kpcgc.org, through November 11, 2020, and click on the Contribute Now button. Read the instructions on the pledge portal home page and log-in to make a donation. You can make a one-time contribution with a check, credit card or payroll deduction. You can also spread your gift through 24 payroll deductions.

What are my Username and Password:

Username: NUID (the first letter should be lowercase). For example: k123456 ; Password: Kp (case sensitive) + 8-digit employee/physician ID number. For example: Employees: Kp+00123456 and Physicians: Kp+22123456 . You can find your employee/physician ID number on your paystub. Physicians can also find their physician ID number on the top right hand corner of their physician portal home page.

If I make a one-time contribution, when is it processed?

One-time debit or credit card contributions are charged to the account/card at the end of the month when the pledge is made in October. The contribution is paid out to the non-profit in November of 2020. One-time payroll contributions are deducted in the first pay period of the 2021 fiscal year in January. Payment to the non-profit organizations occurs by March 2021.

If I make a pledge through reoccurring credit card or automatic payroll deductions, when will the deduction begin?

Your pledge through reoccurring credit card or automatic payroll deductions will take place in the 2021 fiscal year (January - December). Your first deduction will begin on January 2021. The contribution is paid out beginning in March 2021 through February 2022.

Is there a minimum amount I can contribute?

If you are utilizing regular payroll deductions then the suggested minimum donation is $5 per pay period, which is a minimum $120 annual contribution (no system minimum donation). If you are utilizing a one-time payroll deduction, then the suggested minimum is $50 ($26 system minimum).

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, your contribution is tax deductible. Any payroll deduction pledges made during the 2020 campaign (October 19, 2020 - November 6, 2020) will be deducted from your pay in the 2021 fiscal year (January 2021 - December 2021) and will be listed on your 2021 W2. For more information on your charitable contributions and preparing your tax returns please click on the following link: Can I deduct my charitable contribution?

What if I want my payroll deduction to continue?

Automatic payroll deduction contributions roll over automatically year to year unless you cancel them online during the campaign in October or by contacting Annette Valera, Annette.X.Valera@kp.org.

Do I choose where my contribution goes?

Yes, you can choose to donate to any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

What are the benefits to making a contribution through the Community Giving Campaign?

The following are the benefits to making a contribution through the KPSC Community Giving Campaign:

  • 100% of your donation goes to the non-profit you select. Kaiser Permanente pays all the administrative fees.
  • Set up easy, convenient and safe payroll deductions that facilitate your ability to give by dividing your gift into 24 smaller donations.
  • Give with your Kaiser Permanente colleagues in making a collective impact in communities throughout the world.

How can I make changes to my pledge/contribution?

For continuing donors, you can make changes to your contribution for 2021 by clicking on the Contribute Now button during the 2020 Community Giving Campaign (through November 11, 2020). After the campaign, all donors can make changes by contacting Annette Valera via email at Annette.X.Valera@kp.org.

My question(s) is not listed. How can I get answers?

Contact Annette Valera via email at Annette.X.Valera@kp.org