How to Contribute

planting-garden-retouched It’s easy and only takes minutes. You will need the following information to get ready to contribute.
Open Enrollment

For continuing donors, you can make changes to your current contribution selection by clicking on the Contribute Now button during the 2022 Community Giving Campaign (through October 28, 2022). After the campaign, donors can make changes by contacting Nasi Farmani via email at

Username and Password
  • Your NUID is your username (not case sensitive).
    For example:  m123456 or M123456
  • Your password is as follows : Kp (case sensitive) + 8-digit Person/physician ID number. Please include the “+” sign. Note that since 2021 the person ID number starts with “1”, not “0”.
  • For example:  Employees: Kp+10123456 and Physicians: Kp+22123456

You can find your employee/physician ID number on your paystub.  Physicians can also find their physician ID number on the top right hand corner of their physician portal home page.

Donation type and payment method
  • One time donation by debit or credit card (processing occurs October – December 2022).
  • One time payroll deduction (deducted from first paycheck in January 2023).
  • Continuous credit card payments or payroll deductions (January 2023-December 2023).

Continuous payroll deduction  (January 2023-December 2023). Payments will rollover year-after-year unless cancelled by the donor.

Total donation amount 

If you are giving through continuous payroll deductions, remember that deductions occur in 24 pay periods. For example, a $5 per pay period deduction is a $120 yearly pledge.

Nonprofit Organization(s)

You may select more than one nonprofit organization and divide your gift as you please.   To view our resources page for selecting a non-profit organization click here.

Note : In order to be eligible a non-profit organization has to be registered for the United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ electronic funds transfer (EFT). If your organization is not listed in the portal, they can contact United Way at for help on how to register.

When selecting a nonprofit organization through the pledge portal you will be given the following options:

  • Select a partner nonprofit organization(s)
  • Search for your non profit organization(s)
  • Write-in  a non profit organization(s)

If you use the write-in option, please provide as much information as you have on the nonprofit organization you are considering.  Visit  for more information on the nonprofit organization you are considering. At minimum, please provide the nonprofit organization’s name, city and state.

Contribute Now 

Once you have collected all of the information above, you are ready to contribute.