Select a Nonprofit Organization

mlk-day-of-service-3 Through the Kaiser Permanente Community Giving Campaign, you can choose to give to any eligible 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you need help choosing an organization, please see below for a list of resources that may be useful in helping you make your selection.

Search for a Non-Profit Organization

To get more information and check the status of the organization you would like to receive your contributions visit Guide Star is a nonprofit organization that collects, organizes and presents information on registered nonprofit organizations as a public service.

You may select more than one nonprofit organization and divide your gift as you please.   To view our resources page for selecting a non-profit organization click here.

Note : In order to be eligible a non-profit organization has to be registered for the United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ electronic funds transfer (EFT). If your organization is not listed in the campaign portal, they can contact United Way at for help on how to register.