Inspire your colleagues at KPSC by sharing your story and reasons why you support that cause. The 2017 campaign provides a number of platforms for you to let others know why you choose to financially support and/or volunteer for local community organizations.

I Contribute to Support Organizations I Believe In

By: Jennifer S. Lopez, community benefit health manager, Woodland Hills Medical Center

The two organizations I support through the Community Giving Campaign are The Social Justice Fund and Meet Each Need With Dignity (MEND). The Social Justice Fund is a social change, grant-making, and educational organization created and guided by Ventura County donors, and Pacoima-based MEND is powered by volunteers who provide basic human needs to vulnerable populations. While I contribute to these organizations financially, they also give a lot to me in return.

My donation to The Social Justice Fund allows me to participate in a Giving Circle, a form of participatory philanthropy where, together with other individuals, we pool our contributions and decide on how to allocate the funds. This allows me to increase my awareness of and engagement in community issues.

My donation to MEND allows my family and I to attend their annual Gala of Glitz, Glamor and Giving at Universal Studios, celebrating The Academy Awards.  At this event, I am able to experience the impact my contribution has towards breaking the bonds of poverty and creating a pathway to self-reliance for those in need.

The ease of making a contribution through the Community Giving Campaign and the ability to spread my donation through payroll deductions increases the impact I have in my community. At tax time, all of my donation documentation is easily accessible on My HR while I’m supporting organizations that I believe in.

The Kaiser Permanente Southern California Community Giving Campaign runs through October 31. To sign up, visit There, you’ll find out ways to contribute and inspire others to do the same by letting them know how your organization is making the world a better place.

  1. Donations are safe and secure, and as much or as little as you’d like can be deducted from your paycheck as a one-time or ongoing donation.
  2. Unlike some other fund raisers, we can say that 100 percent of all donations go to your designated organization.
  3. All online donors become eligible for weekly prizes during the campaign.

For more information, contact your local Community Giving Campaign ambassador or email Silvestre Quiroz.